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Full Version: just gotta vent for a sec!!!
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just had a client call to cancel...... she gave me a whole 20 minutes notice. WTF!!!!
AND she wants to re-schedule this week.... REALLY???!!! the week before christmas and you think i can just flip your appt??

sorry..... just had to vent to someone who would understand!!

I feel your pain. So far I've had one client call to cancel for today but she did it yesterday morning. Gave me enough time to move my last one for Friday to today. Good luck on the rest of the week!
thanx donna! merry christmas!! Smile
Totally understand your frustration, hun. I've had some call, when their appt was, to cancel. Total lack of respect! Just part of the biz. In time ya get so it doesn't bother you. Can't let it eat ya up. ;-)

Merry Christmas!!
I had one call this morning and wonder if she could just come tomorrow....????? What?
Uughhh!!! Same thing here. Had a client with a 10 a.m. appt, called at 9:30 to say 10 wasn't good for her and could she come at 12. I told her no, and magically her schedule is free and she can come at 10. Then she has the nerve to show up with 5, yes 5 nails broken and/or missing nails, and gets an attitude because she wasn't finished in an hour. She left with that attitude and base coat only on her nails...told me she would have someone else paint them. I kindly told her not to associate my name with whatever the outcome would be, and said a silent prayer that 2013 will replace certain old clients with new. Had to vent too- I feel so much better now. Smile