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Full Version: Jessica fusion 2 5 2
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Has anyone tried this new product by Jessica? fusion 2 5 2?
No lights needed.
Is it too go to be true?
You must buy the kit for $97 and in Jan there will be 12 new colors available at $11.95 each.
To buy or not to buy. That is the question.
It dries in 5 minutes.
Please tell me if you tried it.
I would love to stop using sog's with the lamps.
Meh, doesn't seem that amazing since they suggest you only use it for pedi's as it chips too much. I found this on Fb about it. I tried finding some info about ingredients with no luck.

Jessica Fusion 2.5.2

Message from Jessica, The lady herself!

"We hope you have received your Fusion 2.5.2 product, and if not, it should be arriving shortly. As you know, the demand was overwhelming The good news is we are expecting the next production run towards the end of this month. We are also expanding the line and adding 12 more colours, for a total of 18 colours.

The feedback for Flash Fusion 2.5.2 has been terrific, and with this innovative product we are creating an entirely new winter pedicure business for so many salons that would not have had the opportunity with traditional polish, or even with gel

Here are a few reminder tips for this special product:

• Please follow the directions included with the product. You will deliver an amazing hard, shiny finish in minutes when you apply as directed.

• Don’t apply the Colour Activator too thick. If you are used to applying Jessica polish generously, you need to apply the Colour Activator in thin layers.

• Keep in mind that Fusion 2.5.2 is primarily designed for use as a pedicure product. You can use it on your fingers, but we do not encourage this since it will chip quickly. The results on toes is amazing, and long lasting. The key benefit to the consumer is the fast drying time, and the hard shiny finish. I encourage you to position the product as a pedicure item.

We are receiving great reviews and there is a lot of excitement about Fusion 2.5.2 pedicures. We are also developing a new retail Fusion 2.5.2 kit so your clients can sell a small take home version of the product in their salons. The retail kits will be available early next year.

Thank you for your continued support.

Gee,sounds great