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Full Version: Being kicked out
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Any help would be a help!! I will try o be short. Five years ago i ad my nail salon beside a hair salon and I went to her to see if she might want to go under same roof (we already shared alot of clients. So we did and signed a five year lease, with the agreement that we would look into buying the space in five years. Well two years ago she bought the space. This is a space that we had to redo and each put @ 5,000. into. I never got a penny when she bought the space. Now two years later she is kicking me out main reason being on my days off she sees money that could be made and it is driving her nuts. I have been doing nails for 22 years. and this has been a GREAT thing for our clients. So now i have to move. My name is connected with all signs ect. What would any of you do? I am lost !!!!
Improvements made on a lease become the property of the owner, so both of you spent money on a property to upgrade it. IMO, that money is gone. She bought the place from the original owner, obviously without your knowledge so I'd be wondering about THAT! If you had a contract/written agreement with her, you might be able to get a lawyer to contest her decisions. Some people don't understand the difference between a boothrenter/leaser and and an employee. She's upset with the money that's not being made while you're off, why hasn't she hired a nail tech to fill in on those days if it bothers her so much?

As for the signage, if its attached to the building, it belongs to the owner, regardless of whats on it. I would think she'd want to change that ASAP if you're not there.
Don't move out until you've spoken with attorney. Tell her plainly - that you signed the original lease and without consulting with an attorney, you are not moving out yet. Protect yourself!
Good Grief... what a B***H.
Gr8Nailz makes an important point. You absolutely should speak to a lawyer. When she bought the property, the lease followed the property and your lease became with her instead of the original owner. It sounds as if she honored the five year lease and now that is it over, she is tossing you out. Not very nice, but probably legal. And improvements that are installed also go with the property, everything else you can take. But if you had other agreements with her, those might prevail.