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Full Version: overlay on natural nails??
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What can I offer my clients to keep their natural nails strong but are still able to use GSOP??
Gelish "Structure" underneath. Soaks off with soak off gel polish. Akzentz also coming out with SOG "Options" gel (early 2012) that I assume will provide more strength than gel polish alone.
Akzentz Luxio line is already made to be quite a bit stronger, it is solvent free so it won't dry out nails. When soaking off, most of us find that you can soak the color off quickly and even leave the base coat a bit, which keeps a protective barrier on the nail. Of course you can soak all the way off if necessary, but its a nice option to not have to go down to the natural nail and give it some lasting protection.

Akzentz Options is already available as a UV soakable gel in a pot, it does take longer to soak off than Luxio. The new 2012 Options line will replace the UV line as it will be UV/LED. Slowly they will phase out the UV-only gels and move into a combo UV-LED with everything.

You can do a few different things..

** double or triple the very thin base coat of the SOGP of your choice
** use a thin coat of hard or soak off gel under the SOGP
** sprinkly very clear acrylic powder in the uncured base coat (and of course cure as directed - I use this method to hold a crack from taking the nail)

Each client is going to have different needs on this route. They have their individual tolerances for enhancements, treat their nails differently in the daily routine, and their nail beds are different levels of healthy. Some experimentation will be needed and the client should be informed of the consequences. A thorough consultation should point you in the direction of which method to start with.

I started using 1-2 coats of Gelish Recovery as a base coat and so far I've had great results.