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Full Version: Jessica Fusion 2.5.2
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Anyone tried this yet? What do think of the product/application, etc.?
I sure wish someone had answered your post. I just spoke with a salesman and got some info. You MUST buy the kit for $97 plus $7.50 s&h.
I have so many products and do not want to buy another gimmick.
I bought the kit and found that I could mix colors in 1/8th oz. bottles to widen the range until Jessica comes out with new colors.

Right now, we have tried it on several natural nail clients and the reviews are mixed. Taking into account that the holidays are rough on anyone entertaining, it did pretty well. It definately lasts 3 times as long as a polish manicure.

It is a colored product similar to nail resin (glue) or Backscratchers. Therefore, it is hard and brittle. No real flexibility means that when the natural nail bends, the Fusion fractures. That can cause a chip to happen. Most of our clients found this happening on the edges. We are going to try a second extra coat to see if that helps with the bending.

All in all, toes are great because you can put the shoes on after 5 minutes and the shine is nice.

Will we keep using it? We'll keep it on hand and hope that the new colors will generate more interest.

What is the advantage of using Fusion over UV Gel polish that is long lasting as well as flexible?
for pedicures would you use this instead of sog's? how do you remove the polish?
Thanks so much for your review, greatly appreciated