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Full Version: *Question on Velvet nails...
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I ordered some velvet powders but have never used them...I have heard they don't hold enough on the nail and wears off soon...what is your experience?? And how do you apply it when you do a gel polish? one has used velvet powders?...hope someone who has used will read this and give me some tips!
I have used it with clear polish. I polish area with clear then sprinkle the Velvet power. make sure you really cover the area you have the polish on and after I have good coverage I gently pat it down to make sure its stuck. wait a bit then tap my finger to get excess off and you have a fuzzy nail! For me it lasted for about 3 days before it started to come off. I did not change my normal routine nor did I wear gloves to do dishes or anything. Sure is fun-I have quite a few colors to. Smile
Thanks for the tips!
I just talked to another tech about velvet nails over the weekend. I am going to use the Best Glue Ever for adhesion and see if it lasts longer than 3 days. Robin Moses swears by that glue!