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Full Version: Nail Harmony - Vitagel
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I've read the other thread on HNH Vitagel.

For those who are actually using the product, what kind of results are your clients experiencing?


I just started using the Recovery and so far I've had great results. On my clients with very weak nails, who normally need some type of an acrylic overlay, I've used two coats of Recovery and so far so good. The first client I tried it on comes in tomorrow for the second time, so I'll let you know if she did just as well as the first time. Kelly*
Kelly - Stuka123: You said you used two coats of Recovery... did you then follow up with gelish color? or did she go clear with just recovery?
Yes 2 coats of Recovery and then two coats of gel polish and top coat. It doesnt say to use two coats but I was worried they wouldn't hold up. I will find out tomorrow, actually it is tomorrow.
I need to get to bed, haha
I've used Strength a few times and haven't really noticed a difference. I do find that this is more difficult to remove than Foundation, probably due to its thicker consistency.
I have been using Vitagel Recovery on clients with thin weak nails and so far the results have been great. I had a few clients come back this week who normally need an acrylic overlay under their gel polish, but with one or two coats of recovery first, then the gel polish, they were perfect. I will admit though, I think it actually seems just like an overlay, but its so easy to apply. My cllient was in a hurry today, so we just filed off the color, added another coat of Recovery and finished with Gel polish. Very quick.
Thanks.... keep letting me know the results for those of you that haven't seen the client come back yet.