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Full Version: Lotion Bar posted by Naomi B
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Lotion Bar

This recipe is my own, it is so basic though that I am sure there are others very much like it.

I love the way this makes my skin feel, even great on heals!

8 oz shea butter
8 oz cocoa butter
8 oz bee's wax
8 oz olive oil
essential oils "to taste", lavender, myrrh, myrtle

In a double boiler over medium heat melt together the butters and wax. It is best to do this slowly and gently. When it is ready to pour add your essential oils. I add a few drops at a time until I am satisfied with the way it smells. The shea butter has a very distinct fragrance that I think needs enhanced!

Then pour into molds, such as soap mold or milk or other juice cartons, straight sided jelly jars, even straight sided food containers (if it is not so hot it will melt the plastic!). You need to be able to slide the lotion bar out after it hardens. You may have to warm it in hot water to loosen it from the sides.

To use, just rub it onto your skin.

I get the waxes and butters form and the essentials from
Naomi Ball <naomiball AT>
Corvallis, OR USA