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Full Version: Best Service....why?
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As a nail tech...lots of us have gone into the industry because we love to be pampered.

What is the best manicure you have ever received...and why what it the best?
Hate to say it but no one has ever given me a good nail service like I give. The most important part to me is the massage and so far no one has great technique for massage on hands or feet. They go too fast, too choppy and not long enough. Even told one lady the most important thing to me was the massage. She responded with "Oh, I give great massages". Guess what she did? She did reflexology. There is a biggo difference between massage and reflexology. I was very disappointed. Just my two cents!!
My last "spa pedicure" did not include a massage. Had I known that before scheduling - would have tried a different salon. I can soak my feet and polish my own toes. For me, a great massage is 75% or more of the reason for a pedicure.
I had a pretty amazing spa pedi a couple weeks ago. She was meticulous with my cuticles, I got a mask, scrub, and paraffin. My feet were baby soft with a near perfect polish application. It would have been a perfect pedi if she have a longer massage and applied top coat all over my nail.