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Full Version: what brand cuticle nippers do not rust in autoclave?
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I use an autoclave and my revlon cuticle nippers are finally shot after 2 years of constantly using the autoclave.
I know that not all stainless steel is good either and still may rust.
Can anyone tell me what brand and material their nippers are if you autoclave them.
I saw that tweezerman has cobalt, any good?
What company did you order from?
thanks so much
I see that nailiteinc has a cobalt pair for so cheap. Is it too good to be true?

And they have another pair called Denco for $26. They say can go in an autoclave. The cobalts are $9.
Call Nailite and ask to talk to Lisa. If my memory is right, which at my age is questionable, I think she told me they were coming out with a medical grade line of tools. That is the only type of stainless steel tools that will withstand using an autoclave, just like what doctors and dentists use.
I use and autoclave the Mehaz #777 1/4 inch nipper. I have been using the autoclave for a few years now, and these nippers do fine.

We did have a problem awhile back with two or three of them splitting at the jaw area (blade area) like someone was using them to rip apart something other than client's cuticles! We didn't understand what was happening to them. I spoke with someone from a disinfection company, and they said that the implements have to be cleaned and dry before they go into the pouches and into the autoclave. They also said not to soak the implements for any longer than the recommended soak time on your disinfecting solution, or it compromises the metals.

Since we have been following this advice, we have not had any problems. (Sometimes when we were busy we would place the implements in the soaking solution for the day to get them out of the way until we would have time to get back to them to clean them - we have quite a few sets - but we don't do that anymore! Live and learn.)
How often do you get your nippers sharpened using an autoclave? I feel like I can only go 2-3 weeks between sharpening.
(12-09-2012, 09:12 PM)scotchtapeandrhinestones Wrote: [ -> ]How often do you get your nippers sharpened using an autoclave? I feel like I can only go 2-3 weeks between sharpening.

I do send them out to be sharpened by the company Mehaz recommends. Probably send them out every 6 - 10 months or so.

I second the use of Mehaz nippers have been using this product for
6yrs now with with no issues at all, I highly recommend theses implements.

hope this helps