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Full Version: Relocating to a new state, advice please!!
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Hello lovelies, ok this is going to be a several question thread lol.... Firstly, I currently reside in MT but will be moving to Joplin, MO this spring. I'm kind of afraid of relocating and leaving behind a loyal clientele that has taken me years to build, in salon that I absolutely love!Sad Can anyone share some experiences with moving to a new state and basically starting over in this business? Words of encouragement and advice are desperately needed and will be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, we dont have an apprenticeship program in MT, and I'm wondering if someone (hopefully in MO) can give me some insight as to how they work? How do you go about finding an apprenticeship/apprentice, are there nail tech apprenticeships or just cosmo? I've contacted the state board and havent heard back yet...

Thirdly, if anyone is in or around Joplin, I would love to chat and learn about the market in the area! Not to mention, it would be great to make some friends when moving soooo far from home, I'm already having "new kid in school" anxiety!!! Blush Thanks!!
Moving can be very hard. And rebuilding can be daunting. But it is very doable.

You have years in the industry as a professional so you need to present youself as that in your new area.Don't be a fraid .. Dive in! Have you researched the salons in that area and called and asked them questions.
Also call the schools and ask if there are any nail techs that come and teach classes. I would try to contact someone who shares thier education at schools, they should be willing to help.
Also contact the manucturer of the product you use and ask if there are any educators in the area.
HECK contact all the manufacturers you know offer education and ask if they have mentors/educators in the area you qre moving too. Also contact the supply houses in the area and ask the sqme questions.

Search FB for nail techs and salons in that area and start friend requests too.
It's normal to be anxious. But it's very exciting too.
Good luck