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Full Version: does anyone use an led with gelish?
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I am having trouble with some colors using gelish and an LED lamp.
Even if i keep under longer i am still seeing some color on gauze when i wipe with alcohol.
I am being extra careful using a very thin coat of base.
Is it ok to use an LED lamp with Gelish?
I went through 2 led lamps only to find it didn't cure my gelish. I have the 18g and love it..
We use the 18G and no problems at all! I always had that issue with other lamps I've used in the past...
I use my new OPI LED light and never have a problem. I love it.
I use the 18G LED from Gelish and don't have problems at all.
I started using the mini gelish pro, and had no problems. If there's residue, it could be that the application of the color is too thick. It's that touchy. I also wonder if somehow if some of the product may have gotten old which is why it wouldn't cure. Good luck