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Full Version: Carbide bit vs Sanding band
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Hello Everyone

I have a Ram Ergo Slim drill. I wanted to know if there is a difference that you have noticed when using the sanding band bit versus the carbide bits?

I have noticed that when I use the sanding bit, I feel vibration of the drill. When using the carbide bit I don't feel the drill vibrating. The bit is not bent. I have one from Kupa and one from Young Nails.

Your feedback would be appreciated.


I find that every drill I have ever had vibrates with a sanding band. I don't know if I don't have the band on corectly or if a band just vibrates- it seems to be on the mandrel as it should be. I don't even use a band any more because of this.
Im the same way. Ive had 3 drills and hated sanding bands on all of them, even on my $400 drill.
If your not using a sanding band for prep anymore than what are you using?
I use my carbide
You can't apply as much pressure with a sanding band because it generates a lot of heat, so that could be why you feel more vibration.
When I hold the drill, I don't apply a lot of pressure because I know that it can cause friction. The sanding bit just feels different than the carbide bit. I use the safety bit for prep around the cuticle area. To take down product I have used the sanding bit. There are different grits and I usually use the medium grit.
Great question hun! When I first used an e-file I used a sanding band for everything. Then I got educated!! Now, the only thing I use it for is to take off the length. But when I use it I don't feel any more vibration then when I use my swiss carbide bit. The one major advantage, I see, to using a carbide bit, is less heat and a lot less dust, even more so with a swiss carbide bit. It shaves off the product which keeps the dust to a very minimum. Plus, plus in my book. Hope that helps ya out!
Who carries the Swiss carbide bit? I seem to have heard this before. I have Kupa's carbide bits. I also have Kupa's and Young Nails sanding bit.
Check out Atwood bits. I saw on Facebook he was running a sale, buy2 get 1 free. He's also put two new bits out, Mean Green,(I think that's the name) and Purple Haze.
M. G. is for removing sog off enhancements super quick. Nicole Knight says Purple Haze can be used on natural nails to remove gel polish. I've tried both, they work great. I personally don't recommend taking sog off with a bit but if you're pushed for time and the client says, "do it" then P. H. does minimal damage to the nail plate.
Do they carry Atwood bits at local distributors? Which Swiss bit do you recommend from Atwood?
(12-09-2012, 01:37 PM)Nurse nail tech Wrote: [ -> ]Do they carry Atwood bits at local distributors? Which Swiss bit do you recommend from Atwood?

Depends on what ya are going to be using the bit for. I use the large cone (no, it's not that large). Tell Bruce whatcha want to use the bit for and he can direct you to the right bit.

Not sure who else sells swiss carbide bits, but Atwood is well known, goes to all the shows and he knows his e-files. Check him out. He usually gives ya show prices.
Thank you. I will contact him. I don't think they come to the Chicago show, America's Beauty show. Kupa and Ram go to the Chicago show .
(02-17-2013, 05:56 PM)JaniceNail310 Wrote: [ -> ]I found a place that sells high quality Nail bits located in Los Angeles better than Kupa and cheaper.
I have been using them for a few months now and for the price of one Swiss bit you can buy Like 3 bits...oh and the shipping was cheap too!

Hope it helps,

Thanks Janice. I will check them out.

When I started doing nails, in 1980, sanding bands were all there to choose fom. Hate them. Hate the heat they produce unless you file so light that they take forever to use. Another reason I hate them is that the mandrel that holds them usually is not disinfectable/definately not sterilizable. They carry infection, I believe, on the mandrel tip and I believe that was one of the major reasons for the greenies back then. JMHO, you understand.