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Full Version: LED vs UV Lamp?
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I am about to start working in a salon, using all my own kit & products - having spent most of the day on line trying to work out whether I should purchase an LED lamp, and which one - I am still confused ( I have a 36w uv lamp) - apart from the time issue, is there really any great difference or benefit using one or the other? From my research, it seems the 18g harmony lamp has very good reviews, but when trying to find something slightly cheaper the lamps dont seem to have bulbs which can cure thumbs too, only top bulbs. Can someone please shed some light for me? Thanks in advance.
Hi, how much is your budget?
(12-04-2012, 01:45 PM)skinnylove Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, how much is your budget?

I could probably go to £100 - I have seen an arc shaped led lamp for £55, but would still be grateful for your opinion - thankyou.