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Full Version: Gel Nail Systems...HELP!
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I currently use NSI for Gel and CND for acrylic... I am wanting to try something new for Gels and was wanting to know what some of you guys use and what your experience is with the product... PLEASE HELP!!!!
Im using Gelousy at the time and am really liking the squeeze bottles. It seems to be holding up very well and is crazy shiny.
Id really like to try Amy Beckers Masterworks because I have heard of the low heatspike.
I have been wanting to try Gelousy's One Step Gel in the polish bottle and their gel squeeze bottle under my gel polish clients who still need an acrylic overlay. I started using Gelish Vitagel Strength and Recovery and so far I've had good results. I have also tried Masterworks and I like it a lot but when I file off the gel polish, the gel overlay flakes off. I called and talked to Amy and she said I'm applying it to thin. She is super friendly and very helpful. I need to practice my application because I'm new to gels. I would definitely give Mastereworks a try and she will send you samples if you call her.
Can I ask why you wish to change from NSI?
Are you having problems with it or are you just wanting to switch thing up?

I have used NSI for MANY years now and I find it to be one of the best systems out there for many reasons.
Oh no, I love NSI, I just want to switch it up to have more options. I've only ever used it and wanted to try something new Smile
What kind of options are you looking for? If you are using a product and loving it and the results, it doesn't really make sense to switch. Are you looking for nail art, or something else?
NSI is what I learned with and feel comfortable using. I have read a lot of the treads on here about the different products and various reviews. I'm open to trying new products to switch them up and have variety. Maybe there is something better out there or not but I just want to try different products to see how i work with them. I just purchased today the CND Brida Intro Pack to try that out and see how that works Smile... I'm just trying to expand what I use is all Smile