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Full Version: Holiday client gifts
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I tried to post this question yesterday, but I dont thik it got submitted.
I am trying to find new ideas for Christmas gifts for my clients.
What gifts are you giving to your clients this tear? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you
I am having coffee cups made with my logo and am planning to fill them with a Jan/Feb special discount for upgraded services, plus some sweet treats- I'm thinking of putting them in a cellophane bag with some ribbon.
I'm not giving them gifts this year. Instead I'm making a donation to the local animal shelter and I'm asking that they do the same instead of giving me gifts. So far it has been well received and they're passing the word around to other people who may be able to help as well.
I think both of those ideas are great! Thank you for the input Smile
This year they're all getting mini versions of my foot file. Last year they got scrubby tools and cuticle oil. Cheapest way to gift cuticle oil is to buy your oil in bulk (i order mine 16 oz at a time) and fill empty polish bottles (premiere nail source has them). You can decorate them or customize scents if you use an unscented oil.


I hate to sound like a repeater, sorry, as some of you know I lost my dog a month ago, and the cost of the bill to find out what was wrong and then putting him down was a huge hit for my family. This year my clients are getting hand written thank you cards, with a GC courtesy of Colleen Smile for a few $ off a service they have never tried. So for my pedicure clients it will be for a mani and for my acrylic only clients it will be a pedicure discount. They expire in 3 months so I don't have them waiting a year to use them. It's a win win for us all, I make more on something they don't do, and they can try it for less. I wrap the envelope in a holiday ribbon with a candy cane attached. It's all I can affor to do. I think they like the letter more than anything.
I never thought about filling empty bottles with oil., that's a great idea!
And Sobeit, I'm so sorry to hear about your poochSad that is so hard.
That's also a great idea, I think I will mix it up a bit and do a little of each of the above.
Thank you both for the ideas! Smile
I buy the "gobbet" deal from triple lanolin (Amazon, Cache'), love the coconut.... three tubes in a printed candy type bag with candies, nice printed gift card with a message, big curly bow with some metallic ribbons... looks festive, purse size lotions the clients love and say they look forward too
This year, I am giving my clients a "gift pack" filled with "gift certificates" to local businesses. I am in a networking group with other small business owners, and several have given me, basically coupons to be used at their businesses.
For example, I have a gift certificate for Supper Solutions for $10 for each client, and a free car wash to a local car wash, which is a $12 value. There are several others, too. It's such a win/win situation! The businesses didnt charge me anything for the gifts.... they will get new traffic to their businesses, and I look like a hero for providing amazing, and seemingly expensive gift packs!
a few years ago i did personalized pens and chocolate covered pretzel rods that i made myself and put sprinkles on. i have a candy store right across the hall from my salon so it was good advertising for her as well. i put each pretzel in a cellophane sleeve, taped the end and then put the pen next to it and tied it all up with curling ribbon. they really liked that. last year i slacked on ordering the pens on time so i did magnet calendars that i had already ordered, along with the pretzels again. this year they're getting a choice of a mini nail envy or rapidry topcoat from OPI, or a mini avojuice lotion. i'm planning on making either chocolate covered prezels again or maybe chocolate covered oreos this year. my clients seem to like treats!
I have a great idea for a keychain made out of a nail tip. go to my fb page
Tess Walters
If you go to my utube channel you can see a new design concept. (The Art Of The Pen) You can use this design concept to decorate a nail tip which is really inexpensive,use a hole punch wear you can add a key ring. Design your own logo, or just put the name of the salon,phone # and: Ask for Suzie smith(your name). You may just want to paint it Pink and White with your info.
It is something that shows your design skills,and it will be a conversation piece. Their freinds will see it. And they will always have your # handy.
Even if you are a Pink And White nail tech and you never do any nailart, this pen can help you design this project.
I also have a project I will introduce soon. I will show you how to do several suttle,barely there, nailart with white paint on your pink and whites.