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Full Version: Brazilian Wax Nightmare
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I was practicing a brazilian wax on a friend. I was doing the first downward strip (using pink cream wax) and when I pulled the strip it happened. A tear in her labia area. A decent tear. It was burning and bleeding...nightmare.
I'd like to know if anyone knows why this happened. I was holding the skin tight. I just don't know what I did wrong. Please help.
This happened to me as well when I was practicing Brazilian on a friend. I was using a Gigi's azulene wax, which I probably should not have used for her labia. She has sensitive skin, and it was a few days prior to her cycle. I was told by a pro that it could have been her sensitive skin, how I applied the wax (thick or thin) and the way I was holding the skin when removing this strip. I believe the tear came from removing residue in the same area multiple times because. Because she was so sensitive, I should not have gone over the area to remove residue with a strip. Instead, I should have used a remover.

Hmmm, so there is no definitive reason why this happened I guess. Ugh, I don't want that to happen again... This was my first time using cream wax. But it was also my 2nd time doing a Brazilian.I hate being a newbie lol!
I would never use a cream wax for a Brazilian, in my experience they're more painful and tend to tear more easily, plus it's harder to catch all the hairs, since that kind of hair doesn't really grow tidily. I really love the satin smooth titanium blue or citrus mojito hard wax, they have a fairly low melting point, and they do a great job of removing all the hair. You could also try a prewax oil, it helps keep the wax from sticking to the skin.