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Full Version: Great deals, it's PINK FRIDAY SALE TODAY!
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The frenzy of the Black Friday, and Cyber Monday shopping madness may be
waning for the rest of the world, but here at Allure Nail Supply, the madness is just
about to begin. While the past Black Friday sales may have satisfied your personal
shopping whims, Allure Nail Supply’s Pink Friday Sale is here to do the same for
your nail salon needs.

The best products from the top nail beauty brands will be available at Allure Nail
Supply’s Pink Friday Sale at unbelievable discount prices. With the hysteria of the
Thanksgiving Season and Black Friday done with, you can now channel the same
shopping excitement, this time with the Pink Friday Sale fun focused solely on your

Visit at the end of the week to find out what awesome deals
await you at our Pink Friday Sale!