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Full Version: Light Elegance Extreme Gel Help with Apex
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I have some Light Elegance and did a half set on my hand (just got the pro kit at school). I'm just having a touch time creating an apex with the extreme gel. I even flash cured when I think I had one but it still was pretty flat. My nails just ended up too thick. Would I be better off using the builder gel for my apex?
I'm a long-term user of Light Elegance and use Pink and 1-Step, not Extreme or Builder. The flatter the natural nail, the more gel it takes to create arch. A thicker viscosity gel, like Builder, may help you position it in the stress area.
I was taught to string some gel across zone 2 lastly before curing to create the apex. If the nail is too thick you should be able to "carve" it out with filing. The nails should be thinner at the sidewalls and free edge, so if you get those to the correct thickness the nail should be left thicker in the apex. The OPI book I got in school had a good filing technique that made it click for me. Ill try to scan it.
It's really weird. How is it possible to have an apex looking from the front view but not the side view of a nail? Apparently, I did something wrong.
You can use Builder to create your apex, it does not self level and will stay exactly where you put it. I personally prefer the extreme gels for their self leveling qualities, it makes my job so much easier.
This is hard to describe, but I will give it a whirl.
I 'set' my product in the apex area, then lift brush slightly (without breaking contact with gel) and position the tip of my brush near the eponychium,with the handle at approximately a 45 degree angle and then pivot the brush around to the left, along sidewall to free edge, using a very light touch, then back to eponychium and pivot right, along sidewall to free edge. Then I very lightly pull a little from apex area to cover rest of free edge and let it self level slightly. I hope this makes sense.
Young nails has a good video on floating your gel. Although I use LE. It is a good video.
Sorry for taking so long I scanned those pages from that book hth.
[Image: page1vu.jpg]

[Image: page2bc.jpg]

Thanks, that's very helpful!