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Full Version: Greeting from St. Croix USVI
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Hello everyone,

My name is Adelia and I've been a licensed nail tech since 1989. I really started out as a cosmetologist in NJ but my love of nails overpowered my desire to do hair. I moved back home to the USVI in 1990 and started doing nails. I was one of the first few doing nails on the island. Since the cost to travel off the island can be costly, I read everthing I could find about nails and looked at as many videos that I could afford. I'm considered one of the best on the island. I guess its because I do the nails like if I would wear them and I know they are a representation of me. There were a few times I had to take breaks from doing nails, twice when I got pregnant, I couldn't handle the scent and the Dr put me on bed rest for spotting, and the last time was last December 2007 when I developed asthma.

After an eight month break, the itch to do nails wouldn't stop so I'm starting to do nails again this month. I decided that now was a perfect time to join BT because I know I will have a sounding board and will have new friends who will share my excitement with something new I've created. I look forward to meeting some of you guys I've read about during the years in the Nails and Nails Pro magazine.