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Full Version: Drills or Hand Filing??
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Which do u prefer?
I have been hand filing for years and i am now at a shop that speed is everything so the owner is teaching me the drill..
Soo many concerns:
1) i did a fill on Sat & customer came back on Mon to say it looked like she needs a fill..2nd customer came back saying the same thing..Now Im doing my hand filing 1st & jusT drill around the cuticle area. which is a lil im trying to get the acrylic closer to the cuticle area after pushing the cuticle back..
2)Hand filing I know exactly which grit of file & angle to use How do I get that with the drill bits? I use the medium grit bit but then i still have to use my file & then the block buffer in order to get teh smoothness that im used to..but now its taking me just as long as if i hand filed from beginning..uggh
I haven't used an efile yet but I do think it can be used as an essential tool and time saver. I'm just waiting until I can get proper training before I use it.
Please let the owner that speed is NOT everything - quality IS. You need to take soime e-file training(not drill, drills make holes).
I fully believe in my e-file. When you get the hang of it, I find that it's safer and easier. Were as the hand file is flat so no amount of trying to get that one little spot will stop you from filing the surrounding area that does not happen with the e-file. I use the atwood swiss carbide fine prepper ($25) bit for softening the fill line and it makes it completely invisible. The e-file really does cut down on the time it takes to file and saves your wrists :0D
I use both. I hand file the side walls and free edge. Then use the drill to thin the nails to keep the nails thicker at the stress area. Then go back with the hand file to smooth them and buff to remove the file lines. It's still a lot faster then if I used a hand file for the whole process.