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Full Version: Smudging Effect??
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Has anyone tried using eye shadow sponge wand to do gel polish effects? Any ideas or tips would be very appreciated. Thanks
here's how I've been doing it:

I'll apply 2 coats of the gel polish of my choice, then pick out 1-2 pigments that complement the color. Lately I've been using a dark pink base color, a lighter shade of pink and some rose gold.

Once the gel is cured, it's tacky. I like to use an old #8 acrylic brush rather than a make up sponge. It gives better smudging effect and faster, imo. Using the light pink pigment, I will lightly tap the color on the nail, about 2/3 the way up to the cuticle. Be careful not to get too much pigment on the nail, a little will go a long way. I'll swipe back and forth across the nail to blend it, keeping most of it in the area from the middle to a bit more than half to the f/e, then I'll add a touch of gold to the tip, using the same method. Once it's done, you'll need to seal it with sealer of your choice. On most nails, I will put a coat of hard gel on, then add my tackless sealer. Make sure you get all edges and sides covered with the gel or when you wipe off the sticky layer, you'll remove some of the pigment you just put on.
Once this is done, you'll have a 3 tone ombre' effect.
Another thing you can do after you applied all your pigments is to carve a design in it. Use a dotting tool, to 'draw' a design, letting the first color show thru. The really great thing is once you've blended the colors into the nail color, you don't have to worry about smudging it applying sealer, it won't move!
Donna...when you coat with hard gel then tackless sealer, do you wipe the sticky layer on the hard gel first?...or leave it?
can you post a picture?
Yes, I would also like to see a photo of this.

(11-27-2012, 07:31 PM)jimsjadab Wrote: [ -> ]Donna...when you coat with hard gel then tackless sealer, do you wipe the sticky layer on the hard gel first?...or leave it?

I wipe the sticky layer off, then slightly scuff the surface. I tried doing tackless sealer of the sticky layer and it didn't cure right for me.

OK, let me see if I can get a pick posted. I've only got one, it's blue over black
I just THOUGHT I had one. Here's a couple of links to the pics that I've been able to find so far. I have others but they're not clear enough to see much. The zebra striped nails gives the best idea of how it looks when it's done.
Hey Donna! I love both of those pics. Really pretty.