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Full Version: the shiniest top coat for gels??
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i have a p/w client who just started.. i am looking for the shiniset top sealer that doesn't yellow?? recommendations??

i have used the opi top sealer from their axxium system...

anyone use the sealer from ibd??
I use Backscratchers glaze sealer for years now. Hands down the best for no yellowing and brightening the acrylics. Ever gel top coat I have used yellows or dulls the nails. I recently bought Shiney from LE and its very glossy but still dulls the whites a bit. My bulbs are new and I cant afford unhappy clients. Ive had a couple bottles of NSI Glaze n Go and it yellows horribly. I really wish someone would come out with a gel top coat that had the same results of the glaze sealer.
I use LE's Super Shiny & I love it! Never yellows and always stays shiny
Our UV Sealer cures under a 36 watt UV lamp in under 90 seconds, is super shiny, adheres to gels and acrylics and leaves no tacky residue. PM me if you would like a sample.

Here is a link
Super Shiney! love it
Super Shiny is the best!
Jennie, do you have a photo to show this issue? I've never seen that happen with SS.
No I dont really have any pics. The only person I used it on, I had to buff it off and put the glaze sealer on. What is happening is the pinks just arent popping like they do with the sealer and then makes the white not as bright. I dont think its as bad as the other top coats I have used but it just doesnt do anything for me for p&w. Its awesome on my glitters and colors though. Next time I think of it I will do 2 p&w with both top coats and show you what I mean. I think most wouldnt care, but this particular client likes her whites to be bright.
Just curious if Super Shiney can be used over gel polish? Thanks Huh
I'd be very curious to see the difference Jennie, thanks for the info.
Theresa~It can be used over traditional gel polish, but not Soak off gel polish.
Thanks Darcy..
I absolutely LOVE Akzentz Luxio Gloss. Its soooo shiny that it squeaks when you rub cuticle oil over it. UV or LED.