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Full Version: has anyone purchased from this site
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(11-23-2012, 06:56 PM)jimsjadab Wrote: [ -> ]

My understanding is that they are a wholesaler; they sell as a private label those who want to resell for their branding or if you a supply house for nail techs.

Are you wanting to create your own brand or start up your own supply house?
I don't think it's just for private labeling. They have a shopping cart. $70 for a gallon of monomer is a good deal. That's $100 less than the NSI I currently purchase.
What KIND is it though? What is it comparable to?
Very interesting ! I checked out the sight ,looks like it could save you a ton of money ! Not sure ,like Lara said ,what is it comparable to ? I love my YN ,but would def buy generic if I could save that kind of money ! Smile
They do offer samples. I think I might check it out.
Be sure to request the MSDS, just saying.
Looks interesting. I will call for samples if they offer them. Who can afford to just buy something like this without seeing the consistency and aromas.
Thanks so much for info.
I just placed 2 orders for other pedicure products. I wish I saw this first.
I work for DeEnterprises and stumbled upon this thread. We have been in the industry for over 27 years. We were founded by a nail technician and a formulator. We do offer samples for everything we sell. We do not formulate any liquids with MMA and MSDS sheets are available. We pride ourselves on quality, consistency, and customer service. I would love to be a resource on this forum.
I e-mail and asked about samples and I got a reply right away saying they are happy to send out samples at no cost. Mine are on there way. I'll let you know after I play with them. Frankie is the person that I emailed with and offered me assistance once I get them. What great Customer Service.