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Full Version: Other peeps/ your stuff
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This might be a dumb question ,but do any of you get annoyed when other employees use your equiptment when u arent around ? I booth rent once a week ,and run my business from home also . I am always happy to share ,and help a girl out whenever possible ,but man ,I hate it when people totally take advantage...rant,rant ,rant....ahhh ,I already feel better ! Smile
I'm scared of that. I'm going to be moving into a salon, and I plan to take everything with me when I leave to go home. I hope I won't get the stink eye because of this.
My stuff is locked up when I'm not at school. Smile The same would go when I am in a salon if I didn't bring it home.
best thing to do is lock it all away. People who use your stuff when you're gone don't think of the accummulative cost to you. Plus, it never fails, you need a particular thing to complete a service, it's gone/empty/ruined/not where you left it, etc. It makes you look really professional in front of a client, doesn't it? Small toolboxes with locks are inexpensive and if you start with one of them, then there's no one talking about you behind your back about it. There's always someone who gets their crappy little feelings hurt coz you've 'implied' someone stole your stuff. What ever, it's YOUR stuff being taken, not THEIRS!
Since locking most of my things isnt reall an option anymore I was worried when I moved to a new salon. There is a strict NO TOUCH rule. If you get caugt using or touch anyones products or tools, your outa there. I havent had any problems since moving.