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Full Version: Subscription nail polish?
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Have you guys heard about Lacquerous? It's the latest in a trend of subscription beauty boxes (Popsugar, Birchbox)

The website says: "Play with them for a month, use them, take them to the salon with you—but at the end of the month, you'll have to pack 'em up and ship 'em back, where they'll be gussied up and sent on to the next renter."

But there's a catch: customers are only allowed to use the bottle of polish three times during the rental period. Yup. Somehow, Lacquerous will monitor the amount of polish you use—so no sharing, no wasteful application, and no decanting into other containers. "You can use it on yourself for up to 3 applications throughout the month," say the rules and regulations. "Lacquerous monitors the amount of nail lacquer in each bottle and we trust our members to abide by our policies because they appreciate luxury lacquer like us!"

Soooo, what do you all think? With designer polish brands Dolce & Gabbana, Chanell, TOM FORD, Dior, Butter, NARS Cosmetics, and MAC Cosmetics, they are certain to be successful... Will your clients be bringing in their own bottles? Think it will take off? Think people will pay $18 a month for it?
This sounds like a pyramid scheme. I don't see how this can be sustained. What happens when more people sign up than their amount of inventory. They give you 3 polishes for the price of one and let you keep them for a month. By the time it they get enough uses out of a polish to make a profit those colors will be old. Part of the appeal of this is to get the latest colors.
Gussied up? Why not just charge more and let customers buy them outright? This makes me laugh . . .
Do you have to send them a picture of your nails? Someone with long nails will use a heck of a lot more polish than someone with very short nails!
And they should require that the bottle rim be wiped clean before recapping . . . whatever!
One word: Lame.