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Full Version: opinion on opi white gel color
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Im tired of shellacs cream puff getting so thick 1/2 eay through the bottle. Ive bought gelish white and its to thin and pools. Before i waste another $17.95 on white, wondered how opi white works?
I went thru the same thing, trying to find "the White". It was recommended I try OPI's Alpine Snow. I love it! You might get a teeny bit of shadowing every now and then but with practice, you can do french's in ONE coat of white! For the ones that shadow, I go back and recover those. When I do the french, I'll put down the pink I use, OPI's Bubble Bath, cure, then I'll do the fingers 2 at time, using a small gel brush to do clean up before curing. Love it!
What is it about white that makes it so hard? I did not like either Shellac or Gelish's whites. I find that ProGel Clean Linens is an excellent white for french. I understand IBD Just Gel Whipped Cream is also good and it's about half the cost of the others.
I've pretty much stopped doing traditional p/w's since finding OPI's Alpine Snow. Now, I do nails simple clear gel, use a pink on the nail bed and then paint on the white. Cover it with a coat of hard gel, seal it for shine and done.
Donna, thats what the girl thats teaching me her gel methods does. Instead of white gel, just paints that white on and seals in in with gel and you would never know.
I don't think the OPI Gelcolor Alpine Snow is as white as Shellac Cream Puff. I love Gelish Arctic Freeze. I think it's a cross between the OPI and the Shellac. The application is smooth like OPI, but super white like Shellac.
I'm not so keen on a super white White. I don't like the white out look, lol.
I'm assuming this would work with acrylic as well. Sculpt the nails in pink acrylic and paint the tips with white gel.
Gelish has a French white, its in a black bottle and it works great for me!! It has to be filed off tho cause its not a soak off gel but I gently file of the white tip and then soak off the rest.
That french white from Gelish is what caused me problems with the few I used it on. It streaked or pooled,no in between. I could have gotten a bad bottle too.
I also bought the gelish in the black bottle and it is so thick, when i tried to use it, it would not cure, in LED or uv light. so I am looking for a new one, I might try the IBD one i have have good luck with their gel polish