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Full Version: just ordered aroma spa line from Tammy Taylor
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I have been making myself crazy trying to find an new add-on for pedicures. I decided to try Tammy Taylor out. I have never used her products.
I am hoping that I love the aroma line that i just ordered. She also has a $10 off coupon if you order over $49.95.
Has anyone tried her pedicure products? I would love to know how the peach is.
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to All.
I use them all the time. The Aroma Spa has a warm feel in winter and a cooling one in summer. I mix the crystals with the massage oil for my scrub- just don't mix them with lotion because they dissolve. I use the peach as my basic scent. The cuticle oil is wonderful, as is the soak, and lotion. I am not that crazy about any scrub that has pumice in it. I get the peach crystals and use grapeseed oil or a bit of the cuticlle oil for my scrub. My clients love both.