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Full Version: Nailite's Tackless Sealer
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Has anybody used this? How does it compare to LE's Super Shiny? Does it stain? I'm assuming there's no tacky layer.
Used it. It works good, but the only problem I have had with it is that it seems to get little spikes or sharp spots on the nail after curing. I have cleansed (dusted) the nail extremely well and even cured more slowly at first to avoid heat spikes and bubbling and have had it still happen. I use gel exclusively to seal nails gel or acrylic and have used YN Gloss and YN Finish with no problems year after year. I tried the tackless sealer and have had inconisistency with the described issue. I did contact Mare about it and she assured me that it is to be used with a lamp that uses 9 watt bulbs. I try to be very very careful and slow about applying so as not to "whip" up bubbles that may pop while curing. Sometimes it comes out great. It is tackless. I have had better results curing longer for shine. I think 3 minutes works best.
Aaahhhh, thanks for the heads up. I think I'll stick with LE
The only time I ever have issues with spikes is when there is dust on the nails!
For the record i use alot of Nailites products and like them very well. This is just my personal experience with the Tackless sealer, but I still try to use it hoping Ill get the hang of it.The Price is such a great deal so hard to pass on. There is always usually just a tweak or a small change in how to do things to get something to work for you. When I have encountered a sharp spike I just grab my nippers and it pops right off. No harm done. it works fine. The help and customer service from Nailites has been great too. My favs are YN of course and have worked with them alot longer so maybe that is why. I do super dust the nail, even cleasning with 91% alcohol and a mani brush. Maybe there is moisture that is causing the problem. I have noticed that it is thinner than what Im used to working with and thought maybe Im trying to go to fast and causing bubbles in it.....??? dont know. but it is a great product with great shine and deserves a try for the price.
Thanks guys... I went ahead and stuck with my LE Super Shiny