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Full Version: **Exessive cuticle skin on nails...
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I have this client that has her cuticle skin covering amost over the lunula area, some nails has more other has less, and we do gels or acrylics, usually most nails lift after couple of weeks and I think it could be my prep....I push back cuticle, but because she is sensitive I don't overdo so I think I don't prep her right Sad
I haven't tried a cuticle remover though, would that be better to try it and then push back what's left? pls give me your lights!
I can't do a manicure first and then have her come next time to do the enhancements because she comes once in 2months as she doesn't live close to what is the best way to prep???
Hi Kristina,
That's what I would do. Since I would want to be careful not to hurt her.
Hope that helps.

Yes it's safe to use cuticle remover just make sure the nail is dehydrated and there is no residue when you apply the acrylic. I also will use a diamond bit with the e-file on stubborn cuticle.
Ok thank you! So I try it next time!
Coming in once in 2 months is not good for maintenance of her enhancements. If she gets lifting, she needs to come in and see you right away to fix the lift before it gets too big. My other thought is this, how do you know they lift after a couple of weeks if she only comes every 2 months? If she's telling you this, consider what she might be doing in the 2 or 3 weeks to make them lift. If she uses the ends to pick and pry at stuff, it can cause the lift at the cuticle if the whole nail is built well with a good arch; sometimes nails lift rather than break. But honestly, I'd be going back to my original thought that 2 months between services is waaaaaaaaaay too long and that has a bearing of lifting too.