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Full Version: Help with name of website!
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I can't remember the name of the company, but they are a Young Nails Distributor in Iowa, They sell all kinds of nail art goodies/embeds......I can't remember the website!!! Thought I had it saved.....if anyone remembers, please post.

Thank you. Smile
Is this it?

It looks like a pretty scary website. Lotsa fun pretties. I can hear my Visa card calling me...
Yes!!!! That's it!!!!! You're the bomb, thanks so much! Happy shopping!!!! Smile

Yay!! I was thinking about that store too Big Grin.
Nail-icious, glad I could help! My Visa card has melted. Oh, dear.
ParkNails, I've never ordered from them before, but I assume that they ship out of state, I don't see why not.....they have sooo many goodies on line!!!!
Thank you Nail-icious! I agree.
Now I have an idea where all my Christmas money is going now lol :lol: :wink: