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Full Version: Nailite's GIA Gel Polish
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Has anyone used Nailite's GIA Gel Polish? Can you please tell me what you like about it? And what you don't like about it?

I'm using gelish and LOVE it , but am only doing nails P/T right now and it's getting really expensive. It's close to $20 a bottle out the door.

Nailite's GIA Gel Polish is only 9.95 a bottle, more reasonable, so I hope it works just as well.

What are your reviews on this stuff?

Ive been using several of their products for years, I am a huge nailite fan.
With that said, imho the gia is waaaaay too thick for me. Not a fan. Tried several colors, threw them all in the garbage.
Guess you have to try for yourself to be sure though. Everyone's different...
I love Nailite's products.... however - didn't like the GIA. Sorry.
Thank You ladies, wont be buying it. I may try OPI next.
I appreciate your opinions, so I don't waste money!
You may want to call for a sample of GIA before you decide! We have changed the formula!!
The new formula is more pigmented and thinner viscosity . Worth of trying it Smile