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Full Version: does anyone own a Lennox pipleless tub? I need help with foot rest
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I first developed carpal tunnel and tennis elbow from my job.
Now I have a problem with my knees due to the way I am sitting.
I was told my meniscus.
My chair is very low to the ground so that i am not hunched over. The foot rest is unable to be raised or lowered. I was able to wedge wood underneath the rest but there is no other way to raise it. It is set on the lip of the glass tub.
I was wondering if anyone that has the same tub came up with some type of contraption to raise the feet higher so i can raise my seat higher.
This profession is making me fall apart.
I mentioned in another post how much i despise this tub. Don't ever buy it if you were thinking about it. The customer service is worse than the chair.
Thanks. I already have one. I need a rest for both feet at once.
Plus, I work with lots of elderly and they cannot even have me use the pedistil.
I am going to have my husband make some kind of portable foot rest out of wood. Its the cushion that I need suggestions on how to make.
I guess i can find a piece of foam and cover it with vinyl? Not sure how to attach it. Maybe it should be removable? Velcro?