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Ok so this girl, a client / friend so I thought posted a link on my facebook wall with an article all about how gel polish is dangerous, I was driving at the time and didn't have the time to respond immeditally. My bf told me to delete the post.. This is my income! Does anybody have anything good I can post back to her and on my wall maybe for anybody who was to see this!? I started writting getting into , first of all I use LED light so theres no age spots or cancer causing but in article it was all about damaging nail and bad chemicals in it. But theres honestly chemicals in everything these days! I also wanted to say its about how its applied and removed. Her nails were destroyed because she peeled them off... I exaggerated how bad it is to do that before she even left salon the day she first got them...

Sorry for rambling But how would you go about this??
My post got deleted before I posted it bc I lost service while traveling I think I said it all pretty well but just looking for advice if I should add anything, this same girl now goes to vietnease salon for acylics which in my opinion are alot harsher on nail.......
I would respond to it with facts, like you said. I'd also bring up the fact that the ruining of her nails was caused by her improper removal. Doug Schoon has really great articles that you can link to from your page to refute what she says.
Thank you Donna, where can I get these articles from?
People have no common sense ! There was a lady in our shop Fri from Colorado ,saying her techs use LED lamps because in CO they are closer to the sun and more prone to skin cancer...Seriously ? Since when is Colorado close to the equator ,and people there have a higher rate of skin cancer due to UV exposure ? I explained the LED is still ultraviolet light ,except it cures quicker because of different wave lenghths. ( simplest terms I could use ) . I also said she had more uv exposure walking in to the salon ,and skin cancer is cumulative effect from years of unprotected overexposure to the sun or tanning. Or lying on the beach ,or golfing ,or skiiing ,etc.
Bangs head on wall! ;-). How many gel polish services have been made around the world since it first appeared 2 years ago? Millions and millions! If there WAS a problem, wouldn't she think it would be published in most serious newspapers or TV news?

Does she know what the sample size is for cosmetic companies that make claims that their cream reduces ageing? Very often the actual sample tested is less that 50 people! (In the UK they have to publish this data with every advert - but of course the text is small).

It was pretty rude of her to publish such nonsense (if if she felt it was a genuine concern) on your FB page - rather than discussing it with you privately. You don't need clients or friends like that.
LOL. Sure she is not from AZ? Some of the have been fried by the sun!
It's also important to get your facts correct. LED is they type of bulb. It's still gives off UV light, so the argument that you use LED and it is somehow different than UV is incorrect.

UV exposure as it pertains to nail treatments has not been know to be of any danger.
Honestly the best thing you can do is just delete her post, which you did. Don't worry about having to refute what she posted because then it looks like you are on the defensive and as everyone has already said, you have nothing to defend.
Don't panic~ delete and block her...delete the post. Trust me, most people probably wont remember reading it.
AND "they" say bad stuff about acrylics,gels,hair dye,hair straigteners,pedicures,caffeine and people still do all these things and then some !
Water is dangerous also - you can drown ;-)
"Water is dangerous also - you can drown "

I know right!!!!!
I have worked in the nail industry for years and unfortunately Nail Technicians seem to get blamed for quite a lot! Unfortunately, Nail Techs cannot watch what their clients are doing 24/7, if they could, they could defend their technique or product! Big smiles to all Nail Techs out there Smile
Just a thought - I wouldn't delete negative posts unless they are profane/hateful. If it's just misinformation, then you can address it professionally and leave it there for all the world to see - it shows that you are aware of potential issues, and educated on the facts. Simply deleting something that appears to be a complaint without first trying to resolve it looks suspicious to other clients.
When that link to the John Tesh site went around FB citing a scientific study that "proved" the link btween skin cancer on the back of the hands and gel nail servives, I tracked down the study to see exactly what it said and was astounded! It was a simply an article written by a doctor who had seen 3 patients in an oncology hospital with small lesions on the backs of their hands who had all gotten gel nails done at some point in their lives!Angry

The media will always make their subject matter sound HUGE, especially if it's negative because negative sells papers, airtime, makes social media churn etc. We have to remember their own mantra "If it bleeds, it leads!" It's a lot sexier to make gel services the Cancer Troll than it is to say "Know your facts, go to well-trained knowledgeable practioners in clean spaces, and eat your veggies!"