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Full Version: has anyone
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Ever done a set of held on natural colored tips n had no problems.......whn I do the gels separate from the tips
What kind of tips are you using? Are you removing the shine from the tip before applying your gel?
I don't know what products you're using, but with LE, we have bonder which you can apply to the prepped natural nail and onto a tip (without removing the shine from the tip) and it prepares the tip for gel application for you, saving Time. Smile
I have buffer the nail the tips and gel are from young nails I havnt tried the primer on the tip

Does LE offer free samples?
Darcy, You mean you don't have to etch the tips if you use LE bonder? I didn't know that!
That's right Tess, Bonder preps LE's tips for you, saving you time! Smile