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Full Version: Shrinking with Soak-off Gel Polish (Shellac)
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Has anyone experienced shrinking with soak-off gel polish? I currently use Gelish and it hasn't been a problem. I used Shellac for the first time yesterday and noticed the gel was shrinking before I completed my application on the 4th finger. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this?

I am interested in the answer as i too am having this problem....I was good for a while but all of a sudden the free edge is not being covered.
I know that with many brands, if the base layer is applied too thick, you get more of an inhibition layer, so when you apply your color, it will shrink away from the edges. First I would say be sure you are applying your base Very Thin, if the problem continues, try removing some of the inhibition layer by brushing with gel brush before applying color. Hope this is helpful.
Thank is worth a try....
Thanks Darcy! I'll take your advice and see how it works.

Awwww, I hate that when that happens, hun! There could be several reasons why.

1. Nail not cleaned off enough of oil, dust, residue. If a client had just washed her hands and didn't get all the soap off or if they had just applied lotion before they came in. Make them wash with water real good and you scrub their nails good with scrub fresh or 99% alcohol.
2. Bottle of Shellac not shaken enough, a must especially with the dark colors.
3. As stated before, base coat applied too thick. I apply very thinly and then even go back over and wipe again with the brush to get it even thinner.
4. The actual colors is applied too thick.

These are things I've noticed when I've had shrinkage or separation issues with Shellac. I hope this gives ya some trouble shooting ideas that will help with the problem you are having.
I had that experience. Needs to be applied thin.
It can also happen when you aren't using the CND UV Lamp- what lamp are you using?
Thanks guys - you all gave me great advice! Love my nail tech sisters! :-)

Luvgilitter - I appreciate the tips! I may have applied the color too thick for the 1st coat.

Heather, I am using an IBD uv lamp - the Jet 1000. I just purchased an EZ Flow UV lamp and an Artistic LED lamp. So I'll see if that makes a difference.