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Full Version: Nail Strengthener - Help
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Help..I have a client who took her acrylics off to grow her nails naturally. She started using a nail hardener that she bought at Sally's and wanted me to use it at her appts. After 6 months her nails looked really good so she decided to go to Gelish on them. After 1 week all her nails cracked and broke. She has now gone back to using the nail hardener. Does anyone have any idea why this could have happened. I have been using Gelish on other clients and never had any breakage. Thanks.
I would say it sounds like she needs cuticle oil to help the nails with flexibility more than she needs a hardener. Hard nails do not equal strong nails.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe I read that you should alternate the use of hardeners and strengtheners so the nail doesn't get brittle and dry out as just stated above. I had problems similar to what you have described and solar oil has done wonders for me.
Ditto to what has already been mentioned. Her nails have actually dried out which is why they appear hard. Now they are breaking. Cuticle oil will replenish the moisture that the hardener removed.

Thank you so much. That was my thinking as well but this way I have backup!!
Yep, agree with what the other ladies said. The issue wasn't with Gelish it was with the hardner. Hard nails break, flexible nailes bend.