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Full Version: bad foot callous
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I have a client that has had thyroid cancer and now the bottom of her feet are very calloused.Very hard,looks like someone has cut slits in them, can cut off some in flaps, Filling doesn't seem to help at all. Any Idea's whats going on?
I would tell her to go to a Podiatrist.
sometimes when there's deep cracks, it can indicate fungal infection. Best to send the client to the Dr. to make sure you're allowed to do work on them. People react differently to the cancers and the treatments for cancer and you sure don't want to do someething to make it worse.
I agree, we're not doctors. Theres lots of prescription creams out there for that sort of thing. With the proper home care (i,e. a prescribed cream) and regular pedicures by you, her feet should improve.
Ive had lots of clients be lazy though, and gawk at the idea of homecare. But eventually,when theres something medical going on, it's the only way.