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Full Version: colored gel from ebay
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im just wondering if anyone has tired any of the gel products on ebay? i just ordered a 36 color pack its coming from new jersey. i use a ibd and star gel now and love them but im looking for a better deal on colored gels.
I would never, as a professional, buy products from ebay. I did it once before I had the ability to purchase from professional suppliers (I'm in school now) and ended up with a bad product.
In school we did. Since we were working on each other I can't say if he products lasted long. They went on okay though. I'm speaking of the SOG's and SOGP's.
I like Nailite soak-off gels if you're looking for something inexpensive but good quality. I use IBD gel as well, but Nailite is more affordable, they have great colors and awesome deals...check them out. They have some soak-off gel polish on clearance for $2.99. I got one today...