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Full Version: Is this a good deal for CND Shellac?
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CND Master Painter Kit
Kit Includes: CuticleAway 6oz, ScrubFresh 8oz, CND Shellac Base Coat .25oz, CND Shellac Power Polishes .25oz (Cream Puff, Negligee, Tropix), CND Shellac Top Coat .25oz, Stickey Base Coat .33oz, CND Colour Oilslick .33oz, CND Effects Copper Shimmer .33oz, Super Shiney Top Coat .33oz, SolarOil .25oz, CND Shellac Remover Wraps 10pk, Koala Buffer, CND UV Lamp, Master Painter Workbook. Combined Value $272.14, Save Over $100

Since my husband is getting laid off, I need to be good with cash but I can't help but think this is a good deal? I would like to train in this system or Mani-Q but the light alone through Young Nails is $150.
If I were you I would suggest taking the CND Master class. You get the kit plus the education all for $200. You get a great education CEU's (if your state requires them) and everything in the starter kit.
Ok, thanks! I'm still in school so I don't have my license yet but other tech's keep telling me to learn it before I graduate. I'm still debating if I want to use Shellac, Mani-Q or another system.
Their starter kit is a good deal considering the lamp alone is over $100 and each bottle of Shellac is $15.95.