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Full Version: Another new low
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Oh my look what I just found.
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Date Listed 17-Nov-11
Address Lethbridge, AB, Canada
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Gel Nail Do it yourself Gel Nail kits available to the public with certificate that will allow you to shop at other beauty suppliers. This is the same kit our students use in class, but now we are offering a less expensive way for ladies to obtain a nail tech certificate and learn something new using the amazing Shine Gel DVD learning kit!! The kit comes complete with everything you need to get busy doing nails! Enough gel supplies to do approx 40 sets of nails, book, Step by Step how to DVD, Nail Art DVD, UV lamp and recognized certificate.

For more information please call us at 403-820-5121

Another sad step for our industry :cry: :oops: :cry:
This isn't surprising since they can buy a gel kit in Shoppers Drug Mart here at least that way they will be trained. But I don't think too many will want to take the time to do there own nails. A lot of clients want it done in under 2 hours and they want perfection. Good luck to them.
I know that but this is actually from an educator who owns a beauty supply store. It is just wrong. It is just greed :cry:


I agree Mare. The client thinks they can do this as quickly and cleanly as we can and that it will last just as long. Some of them can, a very small % that is. The others will end up never using it again after they discover it's not as easy as we make it look.
I had a client, ( I know I told this story before but it goes here too ) that was my friends neighbor. She decided that it would save her money to just buy the kit and light and do it herself. It took her no less than 3 hours to give herself a set of ibd SOGP. And they didn't stay on. The kit is in her closet. She threw in the towel. So those kind of hopefuls will be back. And if not, someone else will gladly take their place, in time anyway.