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Full Version: men manicures
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What is the best way to keep a man's manicure shine on the longest , when i buff to shine it only last 3-4 days. Is there anything I can do for a two week shine or at least a full week shine?
Top coat?
I had a man recently who received a clear gel polish manicure. I thought it so odd but he said that he liked to look good outside of work ( I believe his wife also liked his hands to look good), and he worked in water all day. I thought about how great this could be as an add on for the male mani.
I use the polish for men by "Essie". I forgot the name. If you want shiny use Stickey an then seche vite.
Not sure whatcha are doing, hun because my "buff" on men last two weeks. If ya are using a three way buff you do have to replace every time to get that long lasting shine. Men don't want polish on that chips, buffing should last for a long time.