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Full Version: Waterless pedicure set up
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About a month ago I took Jaime waterless pedicure class. I was amazed. I would like to offer to my clients.
I looking into what kind of chair to buy!?
I really like the idea to get a Full-recline Zero Gravity with Massage Technology chair, like this.

Have a massage and a heated option. really comfortable.
What do you use??
What is your opinion?
Thanks, Lady's!!
That looks awesome! Great idea!
The idea of this chair is great but terrible reviews. I would be Leary of this particular one. There are others out there but are more pricey.
Isn't Jaime's class amazing? I feel like a freaking groupie now. LOL
(11-12-2012, 03:03 AM)jluper7297 Wrote: [ -> ]Isn't Jaime's class amazing? I feel like a freaking groupie now. LOL

Jaime is amazing. Love her no nonsense approach and business savvy.
A true La-z-boy recliner is a great choice. The back reclines separately from the foot rest, so they can lay back as far as they are comfortable and the foot rest has a ratchet mechanism, so you raise it up to where you need it to be and it's locked there until you (or the client) pull the release on the side. They are Great quality chairs! Smile
A quality chair is a must! I also have side tables to temporarily place items during services.