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Full Version: Please Help: Self Learning; Nail Magazines - Damper on my Plans :*(
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Are there any student specials for nail magazines that have a reduced or free subscription? I was going to get a few but my husband is getting laid off so I can't afford it. Puts a damper on a lot of plans I had too in terms of nail studies. Sad Looks like I'm going to have to do a lot more self learning and won't be able to afford to go to Young Nails when I am done my course. I'm really sad because I spent all our savings on my nail course and supplies. Sad

How did you guys do it? Anyone in a similar boat? How did you train on a tight budget?
You are so fortunate to be facing this now (in 2012-13) rather than 20 years ago (when I faced it)-- you have an overwhelming wealth of education and information available to you via the Internet. All those YouTube videos! Networking, here and Facebook, and other forums. And access to a lot of the magazine articles on their websites, plus blogs, blogs, blogs.

What, specifically, are you trying to work on? Do you have one particular thing you're trying to perefect? Or are you just hungry for all the info you can absorb at one time?

I really want to do gel enhancements and gel polish (also perhaps shellac since it is so popular right now). I love glitter tips, stilleto nails and all sorts of fancy things like that. I do want to learn acrylics but I don't want it to be my main focus.
I second what Maggie said, go to Youtube. So many of the co.'s that were charging for their vid's now have them on there FREE! The great thing about that is you can watch it over and over. I will also tell you I'm completely self taught, never travelled to take a course because I didn't have the extra cash available. There's soooo much more out there now than there was when I was doing it. If you have probs, let us know here. Describe the problems, most likely we'll know the reason why it's happening and the solution.
Hi Melissa,
you are welcome to take a look at some of the video's on our website: . Although we made some of the video's to show our product application techniques, these techniques will be good for most other products.
best wishes,
Bob Giblett
Where do you live? I have 5 years of magazines
NailPro and Nail magazine the only problem would be the cost of mailing them.
I live in Olympia, Wa 98513. Where are you sending them from? Magazines are heavy, lol.
The downside is that the biggest factor in learning is practicing. You still need to be able to invest in some product and some cheap practice hands or have access to human victims. But sit down with the videos and practice every day! And when you run into issues, we're here to talk you through them! Passion is a great motivator to overcoming these obstacles.
I live in Bogue Chitto ,Mississippi 39629 has some issues of nails magazine just search for nails
I saw that yesterday thanks!
Heya hun, Nails and Nailpro both have websites with lotsa information on there for free! There is so much on the interenet for free you should have to worry about having to pay for nuffin! Go Surfing!!
Hi Melissa,
You should contact Nails & Nailpro, I know that they have given free trial subscriptions in the past, they are very generous with everyone interested in learning how to be the best in the biz! Smile
Thanks for the advice, I'll try that. I was going to go down to LE in Salem for some classes before all of this too but I guess it's going to have to wait. Sad