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Full Version: Kids in the Salon!
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Hello, Let me explain my concern before I get hatred for not being a mother. Hehe
OK so I have my own place with a hair dresser. Just us two, our rooms divided by a wall and we share the back hallway. I have my own entrance, my own business, by appointment only. I'm not a chain salon or big spa....

So I have a handful of clients plus 3 whom just had Babies in September. I love babies, I don't mind seeing them the first time, especially if the client and I are not close but they want to share there joy. Awesome, cool, Fantastic!!

Im not a very strong person at setting rules. So this I know could be my fault. I don't want to lose clients, but is losing my mind any better?!

Fist one, brought her child. Okay whatever, then he started crying. Which I dint care, i'm by MY SELF nobody else was there that day(even if there was, me and the hairdresser are not visible to each other) But she had to rock him, then stand up and walk with him, then fed him....and not with a bottle!!! Her breast!! like I totally saw her BOOB! I had another appointment and so she sat down while still feeding! It was the worst set because I was trying to hurry to get her out of there!! She apologized & I asked her " do you not pump?" she said "I'm so busy I never have time" Ohhh yeah but you have time to do your nails!!!!!! OMG!

Another one had an appt @ 11:30. She text me to ask if she could come early. I said 11 I could do. I text her when I got to the salon, she replied "almost there but have not fed Christian yet do you mind if I feed him......" I was sooo irritated that she wanted to come early, so she could feed her child, maybe not but that's what was going to happen!? I wrote back, "yes that's fine Lets just not make a habit of it." She replied "its a bottle not my boob." I was offended that she thought I cared HOW he was fed, No I wrote back "its not how he is fed, its my time and why did you need to come early if you still needed to feed your child?!"
Once she got to the Salon she told me she thought I was kidding at first.........Um...yeah because that's my personality I'm nice, well through text I speak my mind!

Those are not the only stories!!!
Most All the others are loyal clients and some are even friends out side of work. But how do I put it nicely?!

Today was my straw!!! And this is about the 8th time a client has had to feed there baby during an appointment!
Her child is 6 months and started crying I said "Its okay no one else is here" she said "ohh I think shes Hungry" then she crawled out of her car seat. Then she asked "can I hold her on my lap?!" Oh now theres lint in your nail, do I remove it, keep it? Im on a time limit!!....On top of my mom getting in a car accident today, I did not cancel the appointment nor see my mom in the hospital...because this client was going out of town tomorrow. I never even mentioned my mom, because I'm professional & its not always about me. So why cant I get professional clients?! That care about my time!!!!!

To top it off my client told me "your nails are so cheap in price, that's good work I thought they would be like $70, but when you said $35-45 I could afford that" Really!? Thank you, that is very nice of you to say now it will be $70 and I know why I have cheaper clients! I'm doing a lot of work for the price there paying, and there disrespectful!!!!!

How should I tell people NO CHILDREN/KIDS under 6!!!!!!! even if your 7 don't touch my candles!!

Whew! Sorry if I offended anyone :-( I just want people to come to me because of my work not my prices then waste my time!
I guess I should say no babies in the salon.....Nobody knows what I should do or say!?
If you're afraid of being offensive, go at it from a safety angle. Print up a pretty little sign stating , due to health and safety concerns small children are not allowed in the salon. Go through your MSDSs so, when you get asked about your new "policy" you can explain how some of your products can be harmful in situations other than intended use. MSDSs are written for exposure in adults, children and infants of course can not tolerate as much exposure as adults. If someone is trying to hold their child while getting their nails done, a spill of something could cause permanent injury, like blindness, or even just minor skin irritation. If oils are aspirated they can be fatal. Good luck!
We have a no-nonsense sign on our front door, right near the handle of the door, so that it is not in any way missed. It says:

"No children unless they are scheduled for a service. Children may not accompany a parent or guardian having services."

I can relate many, many problem stories we had with children and their parents, grandparents, etc. I finally had enough and put up the sign after one of our clients came for a haircut and brought their whole neighborhood of kids along that she was in charge of for the day. That wasn't going to happen a second time.

It may help make you feel more comfortable about your decision to allow yourself to do your work professionally and without interuption by asking your insurance agent what would happen to you if you allowed a client to have their child in your salon and the child was injured in some way.

Good luck.
You really don't need to justify why you don't want children in your salon. I feel a lot of us do this (it's in our nature). We want people to like us. We don't want to offend anybody for fear they will never return, they'll tell everyone we hate kids, and our business will dry up.

But seriously, it is this same attitude that attracts the exact types of clients you DON'T want.

If you need to grow a backbone, an excellent suggestion has already been pointed out. Talk to your insurance agent and draft up something you can post in your salon, on your door (if you have one) and email out to all of your clients. If you have a Facebook page or a website be sure to post it there as well. Just be sure to communicate it so that these moms know they can't bring their children.

And as for your pricing, if your clients are telling you you're too low, you need to raise your prices!! I have a feeling once you do that, some of these issues will resolve themselves.

I undersrand your situation totally. I've had clients bring children and if it's the first time I will wait to see how they do. If it's a child old enough to understand what I'm saying and it start touching things, I'll look the child in the eye and say, " please don't touch my things". The child is immediately embarrassed and does NOT touch stuff again. I absolutely don't feel bad about this and I've never had a client say anything to me for reprimanding the child. Most of the time the parent has already said somethiing to them and the kid isn't listening to HER.

A baby is a different thing. It's the height of arrogance to think it's ok to bring a fussy baby in and think it's NOT going to bother the other clients. Sure the baby generally sleeps thru the appt. but you can guarantee there'll be the one time that they won't.

Yes, raise your prices if you need to and just tell these moms when they call for an appt., "Oh, BTW, I've got a new policy, no children unless they have an appt." You'll tick some off but then what is peace of mind worth these days to you?
Kids can be a tricky deal. One is there and doing fine.....another one comes in and all He-- breaks loose. It is even worse when it is the owner's kids throwing a football thru the salon- go figure, or a sweet kid sits down at the nail table looking at nail art, then starts pulling the display apart. Or the 3-4 year old decides to "visit" and starts pulling things out of the client's purse and then for fun, dumps a full jar of powder out on the table. Is there a reason babies can't be fed at home? I know most are on feeding schedules but nail or any other appointments should be made at times when it's not feeding time. Post a sign. There are times that our niceness isn't always a good thing.
Here's my written policy - just as a starter to create your own. Clients will do what you allow them to do, including not respecting your professionalism and skill. The best behaved child can lose it when they have to sit for 45 minutes or longer not being fed/held and not being allowed to touch all the intriguing things in a salon!

I love children, but due to insurance restrictions, safety purposes, and to allow you to get the most benefit from your service, children under the age of 12 are not permitted without an appointment, and may not wait in reception unless supervised by an adult.
Owww my thank you everyone!! This makes me feel so much better!! Even my husband was doubting my sarcasm, but he is not there to see, feel or understand it....he thought I was being to harsh, but he did agree to raising prices haha!!! I will make a sign, I do have my own entrance so it will not interfere with my hairdresser. And my hair Dresser said first of the year to raise my prices and say rent went up, and something about Obama even though I'm for him lol

I appreciate the honesty! And I do feel bad, like people think that's why i don't have kids....yet I'm only 25.
AlsoI have a microwave, not yet but when will they start asking to heat up there formula?! my pedicure chair
Oops, my pedicure chair has been used add a changing station!!! Its a bench type chair, and they don't ask they just tell you "I'm changing my baby, but don't worry i have a changing cover" that's not the point.....its my time & my chair clients sit on....

Ok enough soap box! Thank you everyone!!! I will be making a sign! ;-)
Sounds like you've got this resolved before I found it, but I'll reply anyway:

I have a strict no kids policy. I have it posted on absolutley everything and whenever I make an appointment with a new client I'm sure to casually mention that they just need to know a couple of things before their appointment: If they need to cancel or change their appointment, call me or text me at least a day in advance and if they have any children, please do not bring them to the salon.

Just say it casually, like it shouldn't be a surprise at all.

Most people don't challenge me, most people tell me they appreciate the policy. But if someone does get into a conversation about it, I have lots of reasons to support my policy, from the humorous, "I'm allergic to children," to the practical, "everything in the salon is either hot, sharp, or poisonous and you can't be chasing your kids around if I have to hold your hands the whole time you're here."

The main thing is, you will have to enforce your policy. You cannot just put up a sign, people will ignore it. They will insist that they did not see it, did not know about the policy before they made the appointment. They will show up with their kids and challenge you to turn them away. You will have to be strong enough to do it. You will have to smile graciously and say, "Oh! I'm so sorry, I thought I mentioned that I have a no children in the salon policy when we scheduled your appointment. I'm afraid we'll have to reschedule for a time when you have a sitter."

But you will have to be strong enough to enforce your policy.

Also: I had a client who worked in insurance who was very serious about lecturing me about not making exceptions. You must enforce your policy equally or you open yourself up to a discrimination lawsuit!
I'll add this about allowing children in a recpetion area with an adult. Those kids still can be causing problems there simply by crying loudly for mom. Grandma/dad/sister can NOT get them to be quiet like mom, when most of the time the child just wants to have the attention of mom because the child recognizes it's not in that focus. I'd stick with NO children.....period.
Oops, my pedicure chair has been used add a changing station!!! Its a bench type chair, and they don't ask they just tell you "I'm changing my baby, but don't worry i have a changing cover" that's not the point.....its my time & my chair clients sit on....

Ok enough soap box! Thank you everyone!!! I will be making a sign! ;-)
Think about letting them use the pedi got to disinfect another time.........
Thanks again Ladies! I love this! Whew I don't feel like a baby hater anymore lol!! I will enforce it, its not about the money why I would turn them away if they "didn't know" its because I feel bad....and I'm easily persuaded... I will try, I def don't want any discrimination lawsuit!!