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I discovered today at Sally's that they have a few colors that are only there colors. I like them but its twice the price. ;0(. Wish they had them at Cosmoprof...
why not go online and order them?
The sell them at my local CosmoProf
It's certain colors that I was told that its Sally's only color. ;0/. I'm gonna definitely do some homework on these colors. . Thanks girls for the response!! :0)
Try calling your Cosmo Prof rep...they may be able to order the colors for you.

Great idea ill talk to her . Thanks
hmmm Sally is $11.95 while Cosmoprof is $16.95 ...unless I'm looking at the wrong product

ahhhh - I see Sally is a .30 oz size while Cosmoprof is .50 oz - but that seems odd
What colors? I have been working as an Assistant Manager at Sally's to get myself through beauty school and as far as I am aware there are no "Sally Only" colors. Sally's and Cosmoprof are both owned by the same company, Beauty Systems Group. But Cosmoprof has the full size and Sally's just has the minis. Interesting.... I will look into this.
I noticed the same thing. I think Mauvie Mauve was one of colors that only Sally's carries.