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Full Version: Nail tech vs. manicurist: What do you call yourself?
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Hi techs!
I am writing an article for Nailpro magazine about the terminology surrounding nail professionals and am seeking your input!
Nail professionals can choose a number of titles to call themselves--nailist, nail tech, manicurist, nail artist....Which do you identify with, and why? What do you think are the differences between the titles? Please email me your feedback at [email protected] by Wednesday, Nov. 7, and include your full name, title, company name and city/state. Thanks!
Tracy Morin
Contributing writer, Nailpro
Nail tech because the word "manicurist" seems old fashioned to me. Makes me think of Madge the Manicurist.
Lol Donna, my thoughts exactly.
The state license says "manicurist," that's enough for me.
My NY, PA and WV license all read nail technician. It definitely suits my philosophy.
Oops! NY is nail specialist.
Missouri's license says Manicurist, but I put Nail Specialist on my business cards. I feel Nail Speicialist explains that I'm educated in all nail services Smile