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Full Version: CND Salon Certification
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Anyone else have problems getting registered. I think I registered in the beginning, but my salon and last name has changed . When I re-register it says "an illegal choice has been made" please contact administrator. Well that does nothing for me. For a few months its been like this and getting really fed up. Anyone know what to do or who to call?
I have had problems listing myself on the locator on here
Have you tried CND directly? Also, you can try to reach your local CND educator. Maybe they can help.
I talked to somone there today, she couldnt do much. Was a bunch of voicemails after that.
To make matters worse, I found out a CNDd rep was in town physically certifying salon today, but since mine was never added, I didnt get checked. I am about one step from dumping everything from CND.