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Full Version: Acrylic filled with Gel Help Please
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I have a returning client tomorrow that I did a full set of acrylics on last Saturday. She wants to have them filled with gel.

Is this possible with only a week since they have been applied? Will I have to file all of the acrylic off? The school is only charging/booking for a fill when I personally feel it should have been a new set.

Any tips and suggestions are appreciated since I've never filled acrylics with gel before. I'll be using IBD buff off gel.
There is nothing to stress about, just infill as usual but use your gel primer (if your system uses one) and then use the gel.
No need to file any of the acrylic any more than you normally would.

I have had many client that change their minds and want to change from acrylic to gel and I never take off the acrylic set first, I just rebalance/infill as normal.

You just have to make sure you are applying a hard buff off gel not a soak off style of gel and all should be good.

Gel is acrylic, it's just a different form that's all.
That's all you have to do.....just fill it as normal.
Thanks, all went well today. She came in saying I was right about her nails being too long, so I shortened them down for her too.
Yes, you can fill with gel. Most of the time it's fine.
BUT in my experiences, ocassionally the acry & gel did not mesh well and there was service breakdown(lifting, craking) which case, I start all over with a fresh gel set.
~I usually prewarn the client that there is that slight chance it won't mix, and reassure her we can redo in all gel, if neccesary.