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Full Version: IBD just gel
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Anyone use this? Looking to add another line for more color choices. Currently use shellac and gelish, although I prefer shellac over the gelish.
I use it and love it! Great range of colors, cures with LED or UV. Go to BeautyWest and check out the colors they have. They're usually got the best pricing on them, way cheaper than either Gelish or Shellac. They also carry NSI and those colors are good, too.
We just introduced it into our salon. Really like it a lot. We usually just use Shellac or OPI, but this is really nice.
I also LOVE it. I have every color. I also order from But I've also found it at Ed Wyse Beauty Supply. I have found that warming it my hands and shaking well prevents all shrinkage - just like with Shellac. Have had the same great results using it along with shellac and gelish. Now that I have all three lines, the customers have SOOOO many color choices. good luck.!
I use it. I love it! I get mine from PNI. $7.95 per bottle.
...nevrmind, answered my own question, lol.
Ladies ~ how is it in thiness compared to shellac/gelish? Also, what's the soak off like?
~ive been eyeing these bcuz of the great price point & colors.
I've found that if I prefile some of the color off, then do the soak, it comes off in about 15 min.
Re: soaking off.... darker colors take the full 10 min.... lighter colors and french take about 7. I always buff the shine off/top coat before soaking.

It actually appears thinner than Shellac to me.